Sunday, November 2, 2008

It was a Disneyland PERFECT day!

Today was perfect.
I woke up for the first time in weeks and actually WANTED to get up!
No pain, no exhaustion. Energy has been a foreign concept to me lately.

My first words to my husband?
"Can we go to Disneyland today?"

We are fortunate to have passports, and the boys are still free admission, so off we went. Upon entering the parking area, you could feel the excitement in the boys.
They definitely knew WHERE we were.

First we rode the train, and somehow, we had diaper failure. Thanks Teddy. No matter, I was prepared, and we were off! The boys always eat well when we are at Disneyland for some reason (probably because it is soooo affordable!) and we don't discourage it. When you have one child with eating issues, you are always happy to see him eat well.
Today was no exception, and when you get a finicky eater to eat a carrot, well you know life is good then!

The weather was also on our side. Since the day started with rain, it is always a gamble to head down to Anaheim, but we took the chance anyway. We arrived to brilliant blue skies and a light breezy air.

After 3 hours of rides, snacks and lots of laughs we headed home.
No complaints, no crying.
Boys go to bed no problem. Mom & Dad head to church and even though the mass was in Spanish, everything was perfect.

I know this isn't the most exciting post ever, but I feel truly blessed to have such a fun and easy day. Thanks for the break, God!

Tomorrow, when it isn't so easy, I will have to remember to be thankful for today.

Obtaining Contentment

My "situation" to some would be considered enviable, to others, not so desirable.
I left a great paying job in July to pursue a better relationship with my children & husband. With that came many so-called sacrifices. I say so-called, because to some people, not stopping at Starbucks every day hardly seems like a sacrifice. I would agree, but I am also giving up 8 hours a day of adult interaction, financial soundness, full medical benefits for my family, oh, and don't forget that free pound of coffee a week!

What I am gaining, I hope to be tenfold in happiness and contentment.