Monday, June 18, 2007

Kind People

I am sitting here in a local starbucks today, enjoying my precious few moments of quiet time. Well, quiet if you ignore the blender going off every few moments blending a $4.00 Frappuccino for a customer.

As I came into Starbucks today, looking for a seat, the only one available was sitting in the window, directly in the "hot ZONE!".
At 9am today, it was already in the 80's here in Southern California. The lady at a large table next to me offered to share her table with me and I graciously accepted. Just one of the little acts of kindness we all could do each and every day to make our country a better place.

When world reports of war, genocide, famine, abortion, murder, abuse, etc. I am glad that there are daily reminders of God's goodness, even in the simple gesture of sharing a table.

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