Saturday, August 9, 2008

I have become one of those moms...

you know, the ones that go to mcdonalds with their children, make a big mess, have to have a worker come and mop, and then proceed to make another big mess, 5 minutes later?
You know the sad, sad thing? Neither Teddy nor Alex were the ones that spilled. Nope. It was all ME!

For the third spill... well, do I dare say? For the third spill, I was all out of napkins, the wipes don't really absorb that much liquid... and I didn't want to ask for more napkins. So, I opened my diaper bag, grabbed a CLEAN diaper, (hey, it was all I had...I pack light!) and quickly mopped up my mess before on of the beleaguered employees saw what I had done, again! It suffices to say I will not be making an appearance any time soon at that restaurant!

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