Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympics

For the past three nights, only one thing has captured my attention.
No, not Perez Hilton... the Olympics.

I really stepped back from the Olympics, once they started letting the professionals in.
I really don't see how Kobe Bryant belongs in the Olympics, but what do I know.
As a result of that change, there are certain events I just have no interest in,
Basketball & Tennis for starters.

Oh, but the swimming and gymnastics! Wow.
Despite all the controversies, the Chinese in particular have captured my attention and respect.
They are just amazing. While I of course root for my Americans, one just can't help but cheer on the Chinese because they are just so extraordinary!

Then, there is Phelps. I felt like an idiot, but yes, I was up past 10pm screaming at my tv... go, go, go!
I am surprised no one in the neighborhood called the police.
With tears of joy streaming down my face, I was hooked again.

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